make your own lunch

Primary students begin the Make My Own Lunch program by receiving a nutrition lesson.  We explore the five food groups and the Australian Dietary guidelines in an age appropriate way, discussing what the five food groups are, why they are important for our bodies and in what proportion we should eat each.  We then move onto why and how we eat, drawing examples from our lives to illustrate our motivations and discuss our choices.  We also think about the way our bodies respond to the fuel that we put in them.  This lesson is interactive and encourages children to begin a relationship with their bodies and the food that they put in them.


The students then prepare their own lunch.  Year 3-5 students make their own wrap from a variety of proteins, condiments, raw and cooked vegetables and dairy products.  Year 6 students will be supplied with a re-usable plastic jar and will make their own salad from a wide variety of proteins, grains, raw and cooked vegetables, dairy products and dressings.  The Year 6 students will also be involved in making bliss balls to supplement their salads.  Dietary requirements can be catered for. 


Students are encouraged to explore their own personal taste boundaries during this exercise, with individuals celebrated for selecting foods that are new to them.  An atmosphere of support and enthusiasm aims to make eating healthy food fun and positively surprising.


Classroom teachers are encouraged to prepare their own lunch side-by-side with their students, and parent volunteers are ideally present also.  This community participation keeps the student cost as low as possible, cements school ownership of the program and encourages a health conscious culture throughout the school.

The program is ideally delivered from the start of the school day until the beginning of lunch, so that students can enjoy their prepared lunches.


The Making Healthy Normal team supplies all food, serving utensils, plastic salad jars, cleaning-up, permission note templates, suggested newsletter articles, Make Your Own Lunch log books for students, photographs taken on the day, recipes and shopping lists.  These tools encourage students to continue preparing healthy lunches on their own at home.

The Make Your Own Lunch program is aligned to the PDHPE K-10 syllabus, which was implemented in NSW schools in 2020.  Make Your Own Lunch targets a number of key inquiry questions and learning outcomes under the Healthy, Safe and Active Lifestyle syllabus content strand.  Specific stage outcomes can be viewed through the below links.




The Make Your Own Lunch program is delivered over an hour. 


The program costs $15 per student if parents volunteer on the day or $20 per student without parent involvement.