eat a rainbow

Infant students receive an interactive nutrition talk that focuses on the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables.  We nurture curiosity around fruit and vegetables by encouraging students to solve problems together.  We place an emphasis on making healthy eating fun, adventurous and positively surprising.


Children then move onto the hands-on part of the program, creating edible art from our pre-prepared rainbow coloured fruit and vegetable platters.  Our platters are filled with fresh produce, balanced between typical student favourites and unique seasonal produce.  Children are encouraged to explore their own personal taste boundaries, with students celebrated for selecting new fruits or vegetables that they may not have previously tried.   

The classroom teacher is encouraged to make a plate alongside the students, and parents and younger siblings are also welcome to attend their children's session.  The inclusion of the school community encourages students to expand their tastings in a supportive environment and can also provide the impetus a school needs to move towards a healthier culture.

The students and their teacher enjoy eating their fruit and vegetable creations outside together.


The Making Healthy Normal team supplies fresh fruit and vegetable platters (dietary requirements can be catered for), paper plates for each child, photographs of the day, cleaning-up, permission note templates and suggested newsletter articles. 

The Eat a Rainbow program is aligned to the PDHPE K-10 syllabus, which was implemented in NSW schools in 2020.  Eat a Rainbow targets a number of key inquiry questions and learning outcomes under the Healthy, Safe and Active Lifestyle syllabus content strand.  Specific stage outcomes can be viewed through the below links.




The Eat a Rainbow Program costs $10.00 per student and is delivered over a 30 minute time slot.