healthy normal 

Education programs for K-6 students


The Making Healthy Normal team is headed up by three passionate individuals and friends - Janine, Barb and Carly.  They met at their children's local primary school and quickly worked out that they shared a common goal -  


To encourage kids to eat healthy food.  and to make it normal.  normal for our kids generation, and the next.

With the help of their school community, the team initiated a number of healthy eating programs focused on empowering students with practical nutrition knowledge and hands-on food preparation skills.  These programs helped to grow a health conscious culture, which subsequently rippled out to the schools' canteen, P&C fundraising decisions and school social events.  Making Healthy Normal was established when neighbouring schools became interested in the program and the program's potential to bring about positive change.  

The 4 minute video below was made by the NSW Government to showcase the Live Life Well @ School programs run at Elanora Heights Public School.  This success inspired the Making Healthy Normal programs.



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Infant students begin this experience with a nutrition talk. Why is it important to eat fruit and vegetables? How much fruit and how many vegetables should we eat each day? And why should we eat all the colours of the rainbow?


Students then create edible art on a plate from platters of fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables. The best bit - eating it afterwards!


Primary students build on the Eat A Rainbow Program by exploring the Five Food Groups and the Australian Dietary Guidelines. We also delve into why and how we eat, and the way our bodies respond to the fuel that we put in them.

Year 3-5 students prepare their own wraps from a diverse array of loving prepared produce. Year 6 students prepare salad jars that are theirs to keep, and also make bliss balls to complement their lunch.